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Learn More About Aidan Booth 60 Days to 1k0

What is 60 days to 1k?

This is a breakthrough training program that shows exactly how to profitably combine and influence authority sites, publishing, Facebook, and email funnels to create a long-term hands-off income streams.

Why should you consider getting 60 days to 1k?

Uniqueness – this aidan booth 60 days to 1k system is unique and extremely effective. This program cannot be compared to any other program out there. Time is limited-this offer will not last forever. It will be there for only a week and so urgency will be high as well as scarcity, both of which will result to better commissions on your part.

It works-this program works because it combines affiliate marketing, email funnels, Facebook, and publishing. You can easily win reciprocal mailing – you can win reciprocal mailing from US which could earn you thousands.

What is covered in 60 days to 1k?

This program cannot be taught without involving the following permanent income streams:

1. Publishing phase

2. Authority site phase

3. Funnel phase

4. The Facebook phase

Part 1: publishing phase

This being the first step in this training, its aim is to help you get a foothold in a niche to help you establish yourself as an authority. In this phase, the easiest way to achieve your aim is with the use of the kindle platform. This step, not only does it contain a set of 23 in depth training videos but also contains 130 pages manual for those who like reading instructions instead of watching videos. You will be shown how to publish in a kindle network and also how to move into physical and audible books. One of the best things about this phase is that you will be shown more secrets on how you can move into untapped languages and markets, meaning that you will encounter less competition thus having a lot of profits. Publishing wizard is included in this phase.

Part 2: authority site phase

Once you learn how to publish a book on a kindle network, the nest step is building an email list to make your customer base keep buying from you. This module starts by showing you how to build a high quality authority site.

As you build an authority site, it will market your products, receive your customer’s feedback, and deliver bonuses. By the time you are through with this stage, your site will drive more traffic, generate more sales and at the same time add more customers to your sales funnel.

An added advantage to this program is that you can use it to make affiliate commissions with the use of various advanced techniques. Funnel PRO Plug-in software is included.

Part 3: Funnel phase

In this phase, module 1 and module 2 will work on autopilot by setting up a funnel. The main target is to get about 10 new subscribers every day into the funnel. This may sound a few but it is just but a starting point to see significant financial income. Once you manage to get 10 subscribers each day in your funnel, you can easily increase them from 50 to even 100.

This module will not only enable you sell your products but you will also sell other people’s products on demand. It is a great income booster and you can boost your income from 30% to 40%. If you are looking forward to building long term business, this module can allow you do that.

Part 4: Facebook phase

This is the final phase of Aidan booth 60 days to 1k training. It involves the use of Facebook to drive traffic as well as increasing your conversion rate. Here, you will be taught how to build relationship with potential customers as well as the existing customers. Here, you will be able to drive traffic to your authority site and your publication with the use of advanced Facebook advertising strategies.

How the training is delivered:

By being a 60 days to 1k member, you will have a lifetime access to a member’s area where all the training will be published. Training is delivered in 3 ways:

1. Training manuals

2. Training videos

3. Live demonstration workshops

If you come into the program, you will have instant access to phase 1 details and everything that is needed to generate income and you can now start building an income stream. Phases 2, 3, and 4 are delivered over a period of 8 weeks through live demonstration workshops. Evidently, Aidan booth 60 days to 1k is the best!

The Truth About “60 Days To 1k”0

The people behind 60 days to 1K are Adian Booth, Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey. This revolutionary internet marketing method combines Facebook, email funnels, publishing, and affiliate marketing to generate enormous incomes. There is no doubt that anybody who successfully undergoes the training program would generate easy commission with the program. The income stream would be a long time moneymaking opportunity. This program is distinct from other online money making opportunity available. Unlike other methods, this system is effective and unique in generating huge income.

As pointed out earlier the amazing money making program involves four different phases, which include the publishing, authority site, funnel, and finally the Facebook phase. The first phase of the program is the publishing phase. This is the starting stage. You should have a strong foothold of the program by making yourself an authority. The simplest way of getting started with this phase is by using the Kindle.

The training program contains unique materials that could help you publish through the kindle. There are at least 23 complete videos and guides about this as well as a manual of more than 120 pages to help you publish on the Kindle. As you improve on your expertise, you could publish on additional methods like physical books and audible. You could get further exposure to such other areas as foreign languages.

The learning system is very helpful, as you could become a publishing expert within the first month of just trying out the program. Many people have excelled in this program on the first phase. There is different software and publishing tools that could help you in this important phase of the unique program.

The first phase would lead to the next phase, which is the authority site stage. When you have successfully launched your book, the next important phase you could consider is creating a list. You do this to maximize your income from the program by expanding your customer base.

You would not only retain your existing customers, you should attract as many new customers as possible. Within this second phase, you should address yourself to three critical objectives. They include collecting your customer feedback, displaying your products and finally giving out bonuses. These are the ways of promoting your business among your existing customers and expanding your products to additional users.

If you are able to fulfill these important objectives, you have set the stage for huge traffic for your business. This would result in business growth and expansion as you would sell your products to all corners of the world. Your customers would also benefit from you because you will be giving them commissions based on their performances. For you to succeed in this second phase, you should avail yourself of the two important tools, which include the funnelPRO plug-in and the prelaunch page plug-in.

The third phase of the money making program is concerned about how to create a database of your customers. This is the funnel phase. You need to combine the outcome of the first and second phase of the program. Normally the third stage does not prove any serious challenge to accomplish. It is possible to add hundreds of new subscribers weekly with this program.

There are other advantages of the third phase. Apart from making more money by attracting new customers to your products, it offers the opportunity to make money by promoting other people’s products. You could promote any type of product such as physical as well as digital products. This phase is the money booster stage.

The final phase of this money generating method is the Facebook phase. This phase is considered when the three important stages above are completed. At least two important objectives could be achieved in this phase of the program. It includes increasing the amount of traffic to the product and increasing the business conversion rate. Within this final phase, your focus should be on creating and maintaining new relationships. This would increase traffic generation to your products.

To be successful with the program, you must pass through the training programs. It is offered through different channels, which include live demonstrations, pre made videos, as well as pre made manuals. If you register for the program, you would have live access to the site and benefit from huge income potentials it offers.

60 Days To 1K Coming Soon….0


60 Days To 1K is the latest and brand new program by great internet marketers Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey. This amazing product is releasing on May 12th, 2014. Here in this site you will find more details about 60 Days To 1K Review and also about 60 Days To 1K Bonus. stay tuned…!